5 Meter Parking Barrier

Car Parking barrier systems are ideal for controlled and safe passage of vehicles which enter to and exit from parking lots. With barrier arms which can be prepared in 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters, 6 meters and intermediate lengths, you can completely close the transition points and you can allow passing the vehicles which you have given authorization. Our company which is manufacturer of Multiplex Systems supplied  car parking barrier systems in Ghana has been distributing the different types of car parking barriers to dealers and selling directly to end-user customers according to the principles of budget, quality and usability.

Our car parking barrier systems are equipped with smart arm, safety photocell and loop detectors and safety packets to prevent damage to passing vehicles. The safety photocell and the loop detector do not move the barrier arm to prevent damage if there is a vehicle under the barrier arm even the button is pressed. Even if the safety photocell and the loop detector fail, the intelligent arm feature detects the object and rises up when it contacts with it under the arm. The opening and closing times vary according to the characteristics of the parking barrier systems and the vehicle passing density in the parking lot to be used. Time intervals from 1 to 6 seconds are available. Equipment that can be used in Car parking barrier systems are as follows:

  • Car Parking barriers
  • Parking barrier passing systems with OGS and HGS
  • Toll car parking system with ticket receiving and delivering
  • Bollard barrier systems
  • Road blocker barrier systems
  • Sliding garden gate


The 5 meters LED Parking Barrier arm length is  an aluminum alloy and it has an IP65 protection class and electronic powder coating compression technology. This barrier has excellent working performance and is developed for intensive use. Thanks to its strong spring, it eliminates all blind spots to ensure perfect opening.

                                                          DEVICE SPECIFICATIONS

Barrier Case: It produced with aluminum alloy body, IP65 protection class, and electronic powder coating compression technology. The leds in the entrance direction are used for lighting and information purposes.
Barrier Motor: Powerful 220V motor-driven energy saving concept and uses the lowest possible rotational speed with proprietary force return rate technology to achieve high-speed opening.
Powerful Mechanical Structure: It has developed mechanical structure for intensive use up to 100% duty cycle and has parts made of aluminum alloy profile protected by two layers of paint.
Excellent Operating Performance: Electronic rotation speed control by the controller ensures precise barrier movement and works quickly, silently and uniformly.
Powerful Spring Structure: The new design spring eliminates all blind spot areas to ensure stable opening and closing. The spring pressure can be adjusted manually.
Power: 220AC/AC110  50/60HZ
Protection Class: IP65
Working Cycles: 5 million cycles
Input Interface: + 12V signal or 100MS pulse signal width
Material: Aluminum alloy profile
Duty Cycle: 100%
Case Dimensions: 30 cm × 25.5 cm× 103 cm
Barrier Weight: 50 kg.
Remote Control Distance: Kontrol30M
Height from ground (from the ground): 73 cm
Arm Speed: 3s / 6s
Maximum Arm Length: 5 meters


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